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Phoenix, Arizona, for quality re-sharpening and consulting service. The Broach Specialist, Inc. provides speciality re-sharpening of broaches primarily for the aerospace industry and various other industries such as engine manufacturing, earth moving equipment, firearms, trains & boat motors.  We re-sharpen flat broaches and round broaches for internal spline making and keyway broaches.  We re-sharpen and repair as required to bring the broaches back to blueprint specification. Re-sharpening broaches prolongs tool life, as well as reduces tool replacement costs.

Count on our 27 years of experience

With over 27 years of experience in the broach industry we are confident we can provide the highest quality precision grinding of broaches that vary in shape, sizes and materials.  We offer worldwide consulting services where we assist you on different broach designs, inspection methods and problem solving.

Contact us today to learn more about our tooling services and consulting services for troubleshooting of broaches.